March 14, 2016

Pizza/bake sale on March 18th

We will be having a pizza  and bake sale at skate night on March 18!! If you are interested in raising money to help pay for the play please consider doing one of the following:

  • Bake for the bake sale. It really helps to have a full bake sale table!
  • Pre-order a pizza. Look for a pre-order sheet coming home in next few weeks.
  • Sign up to staff the bake sale or help hand out pizzas at skate night.

If you can do any of these jobs, can you contact Kim at

Click here for a pizza order form...

The form says that pizza will arrive at 6 but since skate night starts at 5:30 we’ll be doing 5:30 instead. 

Outdoor Learning Space

The Outdoor Learning Space is becoming a reality due to some dedicated teachers/staff/parents and a UVM program helping in the process.
If you have suggestions or ideas about the Outdoor Learning Space then please reply to with your ideas or availability to help.
Thank you​!


If you have any items for the blog, send them on to  Thanks!


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