March 30, 2016

J.J. Flynn Spring Book Fair, Tuesday, April 12

Let’s celebrate reading at the Flynn Scholastic Book Fair!  We will be holding a Family Book Fair on Tuesday, April 12 from 5:00-7:00 pm in the cafeteria.

Along with picture books, non-fiction books, early readers, and chapter books, Scholastic will send us award winning and low-priced books.  All proceeds from the book fair supplement library funding to help with the purchase of books, furnishings, and equipment for our school library.

Visit the ONLINE fair at which opens April 7th!

In addition, the book fair is a great way to connect with your child about books they would like to read. Families may also choose to make book donations to classroom teachers.  Just let us know at the register, and we will hand deliver your gift!

We look forward to seeing you at our book fair where you are sure to find some fabulously funny, wildly adventurous, and marvelously mysterious reading material!  If you have any questions or would enjoy helping out with this fun event, please contact Cara Clopton ( or Corey Wallace (

Happy Reading!

Bike to School Day, May 4

Bike to School Day, May 4, is a national event that gives communities across the country the opportunity to join together in bicycling to school on the same day. Bike to School Day is part of the movement for year-round safe routes to school. Communities use the event to encourage biking (and walking) to school as a healthy way for kids and families to make their school commute fun and active.

If you would like to volunteer to help organize or be present on the day please email

STEAM blog post

Here’s a repost of the last STEAM blog entry, in case you missed it:

I was really impressed with our fifth graders last week when each class completed the last challenge that aligns with our submersibles unit. Before entering into this challenge, they had to investigate and grapple with the idea of mass and volume in relation to sinking and floating. Some students even began to understand the concept of density.

Every team was able to complete the first challenge of creating a floating submersible with different density vials that served as the submersibles “instruments”.   Almost every team after that, was able to complete the challenge of retrieving three different packages from our “sea floor”.   In the end, I was impressed that most students were able to understand mass and volume in relation to sinking or floating.  These concepts can prove confusing for students.  Our fifth grade proved that when engaged and challenged they persevere and can learn complicated scientific understanding.


If you have any items for the blog, send them on to  Thanks!


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