May 3, 2016

May Events Volunteer Opportunities

There are a few events in May that could use some volunteer help.  Check out the Sign Up Genius page for details:

Book Fair Thanks

From Cara Clopton, Flynn Librarian:

THANK you to all the families and Flynn friends who supported our Spring Scholastic Book Fair. Three cheers for VOLUNTEERS!!!

What a BLAST we had! Happy readers and excitement over books, books, books made my heart soar!

We were able to keep $865.68 in cash profit. These funds will go directly towards purchasing new books in our multiple copy library collection.
We also earned a BONUS of $358.37 in Scholastic Dollars to redeem at the online store. I’ll have our awesome firefly kids help me choose books they’d like to add to our school library collection!
Hooray for reading!

Springfest Canceled

The PTO would like to announce the Springfest will not be happening this year.  This has been an amazing event in the past but due to no volunteer interest there was no option but to cancel.  If this is an event you would like in the upcoming years please reach out and let the PTO know.

School Libraries in Trouble

Three of our Burlington schools will be cutting full-time teacher-librarians, and this will put us in violation of the VT State Board of Education’s Quality Standards.

Please check out this fact sheet about what this could mean for the district:


If you have any items for the blog, send them on to  Thanks!


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